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Outdoor Cinema from GO CINEMAS


Our most commonly asked questions and their answers...

What areas do you supply screens to?

We cover South East England, and will supply events within reasonable distance to Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, London  and Greater London

What kind of films are available? 

All titles are secured via FilmBank Media, either via

Blu-ray or digital download. All new titles that you currently see in the cinema are normally available for events.

What's the picture quality like?

We use the highest quality projection equipment available, but in essence we deliver HD quality imagery on both large and small screen sizes

What's the sound quality like?

This is probably our strongest USP with bespoke, English made speakers - in fact it's arguably the best sound system available within the open air cinema scene

How long does it take to set up?

Generally, it takes us around three hours set up and about two hours to strip it all back down. It depends upon the available space, access, other requirements etc.

Do you supply extras like seating?

We can supply bean-bag seating for an additional cost or alternatively, people often supply their own picnic chairs, loungers, blankets, sleeping bags etc.

Does it need to be dark to view a film?

The kind of system we use means that it has to be dark in order to get the best viewing experience. Click here to see the optimal viewing times by month.

Do we need a license for a show?

You will probably need an event license and a film license. Check out our event guide or click here to see our pricing page for more information

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