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The best events match the location to the film to make it a unique cinematic experience.

  • "The Greatest Showman" in a big top

  • "Jaws" on the beach

  • "Top Gun" in an aircraft hanger 

  • "Blair Witch Project" in the woods

You can choose from literally hundreds of titles, including those that are currently in cinemas!!

Go Cinemas - The Greatest Showman
Go Cinemas - Top Gun
Go Cinemas - Jaws
Go Cinemas - The Blair Witch Project
The great thing about outdoor cinema is you can do it anywhere!

We have screened on ferries and in castles, on the beach and in aircraft hangars.

The location of your screening will make up a big part of the audience experience, and don’t forget that people are looking for an experience.

They're not just "going to see a film".

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